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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> i can say that i had such a positive impression of him. a really nice person. >> reporter: the police captain was in the procession. he knew archbishop avwell for the 15 year -- augustine vegas well for the 15 years he wore the badge. >> we were just talking about the warriors and his desk is 10 feet from my office. so -- >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> big sports fan. >> reporter: he was a devoted family man who had children and grandchildren and raised foster kids. >> he did impact. i can't believe i am speaking of him in the past tense. it is surreal. >> reporter: in the neighborhood we caught up with a woman who knew him for 20 years. >> gus always worked very hard to support his family. he is a detective. he took that position to get off the streets. you know, to be safe. for this to happen in his own home it is horrific.
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horrific. >> reporter: neighbors were stunned by the shooting. >> he took care of people. he was -- just -- i don't know why somebody would want to kill someone over an argument or something. >> i am surprised. it is a quiet neighborhood. they are nice people. never thought of that. >> reporter: at the news conference the police chief said he was always in a good mood. >> never saw him have a bad day. he was a beloved member of the team. within the department, across the city. within the community. this is a huge blow for us. >> reporter: he was on the list to take the sergeant's test and he was happy. he called him evervescent. >> john sasaki reporting live, thank you. . >> investigators say the officer's death could be the tragic result of a family
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dispute. our to your knowledge continues with ktvu's henry lee. what are you learned? >> reporter: an active crime scene 13 hours later. richmond police officer augustine vegas was off duty when he was shot and killed by the father of his grandson. >> reporter: police spent hours combing this home belonging to richmond police officer augustine vegas who was shot to death by the father of his grandson this morning. it began with 911 calls from the quiet neighborhood at 4:39 a.m. officers arrived and found augustine vegas a 15 year veteran dead at the scene. >> officers arrived to find a off duty police officer down shot multiple time. >> reporter: police identified
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a suspect. 30-year-old robert vega the father of the officer's grandson. police found the suspect in a car outside the home and arrested him. he could face murder and kidnapping. the boy was found unharmed and is now in protective cust -- protective custody. police haven'ted where the gun came from but officialsed the officer and the suspect are -- police officers said the officer and the suspect are gradiant of the academy. -- graduate of the academy. the shooter is not a police officer. a neighbor hurt gunfire. >> i thought i heard a shot. but my wife thought it was the television. and i just layed back down. once i took her to work this morning i seen all the police and the yellow tape. >> reporter: this afternoon police officers stood at attention and saluted as the
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officer's casket was led out of his home and taken to the coroner's office. >> so great they showed such respect for him. for the whole process for his life or -- that -- i didn't know they did that. i think it is great. >> reporter: still a somber scene as technician are still gathering evidence. we have seen officers gather to mourning together. funeral arrangements are pending. a court date for the suspect hasn't yet been set. back to you. >> henry lee, thank you. stay with ktvu fox 2 news for continuing coverage on this deadly police shooting. we are working to bring you the very latest. we are also posting updates on facebook, twitter and our ktvu mobile app. new at 6:00 p.m. investigators ruled out two factors in the greyhound bus crash in san jose but they
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don't know what caused it. the bus here wound up on the divider on highway 101 early in the morning january 19. and unfortunately two passengers on board were killed. a preliminary report by the national highway traffic safety administration says no defects were found during the preliminary inspection of the bus. and the report says the driver's preliminary tox callagy reports were negative for alcohol or drugs. . police identified this driver who went on a rampage yesterday crashing into dozens of cars and waving a car. he is a 37-year-old of burgly. he is held at -- berkeley, he is held in jail on a number of charnels. investigators -- charges. investigators are still searching for his gun. new developments now for the raiders. it is official the team is spending one more year in
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oakland. >> and mark ibanez is here now with more on the announcement and what this means for the team's future. >> i have been telling you guys, dealt with this since 1980. i don't feel they are going anywhere. i don't think it will happen. i would bet you mark davis would tell you he has learned so much just since the nfl owners got together a month ago and decided the fate of the teams moving to los angeles and who will and who won't as he tries to stabilize his franchise, deeming with -- dealing with politicians, nfl owners and city officials. the raiders will play the 2016 season in oakland. with an option for two more. he has been criticizing for threatening to move the team. we saw a much more assertive raiders owner. >> i don't think i have ever onced i wasn't interested inch
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staying in oakland -- once said i wasn't interested in staying in oakland. you have to look at them as a business person but my heart is here in oakland. if we can get something done, that is what i am trying to do. >> mark davis, we saw a different guy there. he had more credible identity today. the learning curve has been steep but now that he put his feet down here, i think it is fair to say the city of oakland and the mayor and company, they have been saying give us some time and we will work things out. so let's see it. >> you know, do you think -- i mean, i have heard they might be looking at a smaller stadium or is there a possibility that they could fix up the coliseum again? i can't see that happening. >> yeah. there aren't too many options the raiders have. i have been calling it a blue
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collar stadium, smaller. don't need world famous chefs and clubs. how about a stadium that, you know, appeals to what the raiders fan base really is. i think they could get that done. they don't need all the other amenities. i argue with people who say they have to keep up. they don't have to have a palace. they need something that represents the city of oakland. blue collar stadium. get it done. >> remind me when i was a kid, back then they had the out field and -- [ talking at the same time ] >> removallable seats -- >> they want to keep that atmosphere of the tailgate parties and room beyond the stadium to keep what has been raiders tradition alive. >> he was calling on the a's to make a decision today. because he did -- [
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indiscernible ] >> we have a little clarity. we have time and now they need to make it happen. >> all right. >> i hope so. thank you. no more free parking at the coliseum b.a.r.t. station. the b.a.r.t. board agreed to start charging fees between $7 and $30. they already charges fans to park but now the fees will be in place for warriors and a's games. b.a.r.t. approved a plan to increase fines for parking violations. that is contingent on the agency coming up with better enforcement. . new at 6:00 p.m. opponents of the high-speed rail system were back in court trying to get the project stopped. the argument by some farmers is that the plans can't comply with prop 1a. the rail bond act from 2008. opponents say the promise of traveling between los angeles
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and san francisco in two hours and 40 minutes won't draw passengers. >> all studies of high-speed rail in europe show after two hours and 30 minutes the ridership muchs and airlines -- plunges and airlines take up the slack. >> the rail authority is falling billions of dollars short of what would be needed to build the system. a judge is to decide on the merits of the arguments. president obama before he left the bay area after fundraiser in the bay area he received a send off inimate view and on his way -- send off in mountain view. and on his way he kissed a baby. an east bay church vandalized twice and then
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robbed. >> we are trying to just figure out what will be the reason and who will do something like that. >> the investigation that is now underway and what officials are saying about a possible link between the crimes and new developments in the controversial shooting death of a stabbing suspect by san francisco police. what an autopsy report released just hours ago is now revealing. >> we are tracking some more -- very warm temperatures out there and a cool down and some rain in the long range.
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new developments this afternoon in the death of mario woods. the medical examiner released the autopsy report, it shows police fired 27 shots and that 20 of them hit mario woods and
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one grazed him. according to the report the 20 gun shot wound were to the back and thigh. one bullet grazed his cheek. he also had five injuries caused by the bean bags that officers shot at him and six cuts from flying shrapnel. results show mario woods had methamphetamine, marijuana, two anti-depressants in his system. the family is suing the city of san francisco and the police department after the shooting that happened december 2. police say mario woods was suspect offend stabbing a man and was still holding the knife when they came across him. officers say they asked him to drop the knife and when he didn't that the when they shot him. again they found 27 shell casings at the scene. san francisco police department says five officers were involved in the shooting. four investigations are underway. a church that pays tribute
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to victims of crimes has become a victim itself and tonight leaders are worried. ktvu's paul chambers has the story. >> reporter: st. columbia pride itself on activism. photos show crosses on the lawn. >> we always plant these crosses to remember -- to make a memorial of the homicides in oakland. >> reporter: right now there are only two crosses on the lawn but these aren't the originals. officials say someone stole those crosses and that is a cause for concern. >> it is important for us to kind of find out who is doing this and why they are doing this. and not knowing what is going on we become worried. >> reporter: churchgoers say all the crosses may not mean. to the public -- mean much to the public but it does to them. this is just one of several
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crimes happening here. in front of the church is a sign that says plaque lives matter -- black lives matter. that had another one but last week a man tore it down. >> somebody doing something like that is saying we disagree with you and we are going to destroy fruit indicate that. >> reporter: this week -- property to indicate that. >> reporter: this week someone stole money from the donation baskets. >> i saw the folks running to pick up what was left of the money that was in the donation box that somebody off the street had come in and stolen. >> reporter: instead of getting upset they decided it was best to turn the other cheek. >> we just offered prayer that it went to somebody who really needed it rather than looking at condemnation. >> reporter: officials say although the crimes are considered minimal the issues are building and they are
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worried something bigger could occur. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. the start of the mavericks is hours away in half moon bay. >> it is largely life and death but you could manage the risk. >> he is one of the 24 surfers in the contest tomorrow. he lives in santa cruz but other surfers are coming from africa and brazil. it competed for 9 year -- he competed for 9 year. he had all surfers are well trained and it combines skill and luck. >> it is the occasion, you don't know what -- ocean, you don't know what you will get. there is luck and who can make it happen. >> organizers say we could see waves of 30 feet or higher tomorrow. and that they crash with such force that they could be
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recorded on the richter scale. the competition begins at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. fans can watch on the internet or at pubs and restaurants in the area. bill will be out there among the surfers watching what happens as they ride the wave. skill, luck and timing. >> a lot of skill, and luck and timing. some of the guys are flying, they surfed maui today, and they are flying right now, they will get here tonight and they are getting up and surfing in the contest. it is an international event. a lot of guys will be tired. that is a big flight with a big time change. waves will be there tomorrow. a beautiful day. we will bring it to you on all the newscasts. 70 today. just like this tomorrow. a nice day tomorrow. temperatures about where they were today. oakland tied a record, airport,
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74 degrees. 70 livermore. 72 antioch. nice looking day tomorrow. those were highs today. there are tomorrow's highs. about the same. bridge looks slow tonight. look at the red lights. coming toward berkeley doesn't look bad. into the city looks slow. the satellite showing that system that will miss us but it will widdle away at the ridge of the high pressure and send it south by wednesday. a good week away. we should see rain next week and it will open up the storm door and give us an opportunity for a return to the wet. as you wait for that to happen enjoy tomorrow and the weekend. weekend will be nice. friday morning in san francisco, low 50s. noticed it is not that cold in the morning for this time of the year, february, temperatures in the 40s and 50s in some places. beautiful day tomorrow afternoon. just like today for friday. and tomorrow night will be just
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like this and the weekend continues that way. rain stays to the north. this system will push the jet stream down next week. the high pressure as it gets widdled to the east will let that happen. that is where the clouds are coming from. not enough for rain but enough to slowly erode the jet stream. so the temperatures tomorrow 71 pleasanton. a beautiful bay area friday. yet again. the five-day forecast. no rain except as we get into tuesday. maybe tuesday night we might see a few sprinkles but from here on it will change back to a wet pattern. in the mean time enjoy what we have because it is stunning. we are about, you know, santa rosa 84% of average. not great but not bad considering where we were last year. 30, 40%.
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>> for the surfers, is this their full time job? >> no. they are regular guys. friend putting -- they are just guys. dudes. sleeping on couches. an interesting group of people. nobody is getting rich. >> thank you. >> thank you. the first round of the pro am took place in pebble beach. sports director mark ibanez is up next. time to check in with keepa a with a look -- keba arnold. >> following a major development in the stand off in oregon. coming up at 7:00 p.m. how the tense situation involving armed militia members finally came to an end. also new information about the human bones found near gilroy. what investigators are saying about the discovery. these story and more coming up at 7:00 p.m. on tv 36.
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what a life for these nba guys. the warriors play last night, hop on a plane, head up to toronto for the all-star game. >> historic jet setters. just mind-boggling. 48 and 4 at the all star break. >> make it look easy every time. >> i was thinking what they have also done, watch any other teams playing it is boring. nobody can compete with the excitement the warriors bring. warriors off and running. bright this morning. phoenix last night. toronto was the place this morning. first time since 1976 the warriors have had three guys in the all-star game. steph curry, that man, of course. draymond green and klay
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thompson. for green those two other guys have been in it but it is his first all-star game and he talks about the experience he is in for this all star weekend. >> you know, really just been -- i think it is a great opportunity to celebrate this huge moment in my life and also just the game itself. i watched the game since i was a little kid and always dreamed of being being there. >> likable guy. you know, good for him. childhood dream coming through. bay area showing off. the perfect weather for the super bowl and today take it down to pebble beach. the scenery around the pro am. those are porpoises in the bay, out big time. here is bill murray. knocks down the putt for par. he mugs for the camera.
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unusual there. right. espn sportscaster. 18 at pebble. hooks from the fair way. the ball bounces. 5 times off the rocks. settles in to the water right there. taking it with good humor. here is john watson. the ceo from chevron. finding time to work on his golf game at 18. that is how you do it. he has an eagle at 18. yeah. no problem there. world's number one golfer. jordan speith. missed a short putt on 15. not happy. he is 7 strokes back. >> wow! >> maybe things will get better for him. something tells me he wasn't thinking about the weather. >> i can't believe all the porpoises. incredible. >> yeah. a lot of them. >> beautiful down there. >> absolutely. >> i just -- draymond green is always smiling. you can't help but smiling when
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you watch that guy. >> he is just like that with cameras on or off. who he is. >> great to see. all nice guy. >> thank you. thank you for joining us tonight. we will be back tonight at 10:00 p.m. have a great evening. >> see jow later. -- see you later. all our handcrafted february is huge for us. classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each.
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